Clear listing of reasons to get a temporary residence of ukraine

Clear directory of reasons why you should obtain a short-term residence of ukraine

In accordance with the law of Ukraine, the applying for short-term residence can be acquired by foreigners and stateless people who possess found its way to Ukraine to take part in the utilization of worldwide technical support tasks, for the intended purpose of preaching spiritual opinions or even to take part in the actions of representations of international company entities or international banking institutions, structural devices of non-governmental businesses of foreign nations. Additionally modern residence is ussued to foreigners and stateless individuals whom found its way to Ukraine to be involved in worldwide and local volunteer programs, for act as correspondents or representatives of international advertising, performing social, clinical, educational activities from the grounds as well as in the way recommended by worldwide treaties of Ukraine or unique programs. But, many certificates are given to foreigners and persons that are stateless have started to learn, household reunification and work.

The law “On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons” specifies a clear list of grounds for which a person may obtain a temporary residence permit for each of the listed categories. Hence, a foreigner will get Ukrainian residence that is temporary if during their appropriate remain in Ukraine, he’s got hitched someone with Ukrainian citizenship. In this instance, the causes for issuing the certification (“posvidka”) will be the application, the wedding certification and also the medical care insurance. Used, a foreigner will need to keep Ukraine, get a visa that is d-typelong-lasting) having a mark “family reunion” and enter again. Continue reading