Exactly how is DBS Cashline distinctive from cash loan?

Cashline Cash Advance
Description DBS Cashline is really a line that is personal of for the short-term borrowing needs. Think about it as being a standby stash of cash. Cash Advance is an attribute in your charge card that provides funds as much as your available charge card limit.
Interest/Fee Interest is accrued daily at 20.5per cent p.a. (or 0.06percent a day) without any processing charge. Interest is accrued daily at 28per cent p.a. (or 0.07percent each day) and also a 8% upfront processing fee in the quantity withdrawn.

Exactly how is interest determined?

Interest regarding the Facilities are determined for a basis that is daily by multiplying the outstanding stability on Facilities by the Prescribed speed then dividing by 365/366 (in a leap year), at the mercy of the absolute minimum interest cost of S$10.00.

For instance assume you withdraw from your DBS Cashline account S$5,000 for 30 calendar times.

DBS Cashline withdrawal S$5,000 Interest for 1 month (30/365) x 20.5% p.a. x S$5,000 = S$85

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