Just how to hookup a surveillance system in the trailer

All systems are hand-assembled customized for you personally and tested before making our center!

All systems that are complete range from the after unless stated otherwise:

A color monitor (most typical sizes are 7″ or 10″ screens) Camera (or digital digital digital cameras) with bolt-down mounts (mirror mounts are optional additional) All necessary cables (except the trailer that is optional cable optional extra) WITH or WITHOUT DVR (Digital Video Recorder) 250 Gigabyte, 500 Gigabyte, 1 TB, and 2 Terabyte sizes available. We utilize each SSD hard disk drives for additional durability! (see “Video Time Chart” for recording time differences when considering sizes) cordless transmitter & receiver optional (very useful for trailers!) Many DVR choices also have a GPS receiver antenna for recording your map place and speed DVRs include detachable disk or facts which can be installed to your personal computer for playback or helping you save can truly add an optional button that is”panic trigger cable to designate crisis videos. Tech-Tip! Click the link to know exactly exactly just exactly exactly what camera that is different and watching perspectives actually suggest

Base System Pricing: Each setup is customized tested and assembled by DieselBoss professionals just before shipment, therefore please phone in your purchase to make certain that we are able to talk about the cable lengths as well as other proportions. Continue reading