Bank statements offer lenders an understanding of the life of potential borrowers, however some tasks could result in a credit card applicatoin unexpectedly being rejected.

Providers are searching for any clues that clients may find it difficult to maintain with repayments later on.

Here you will find the bank statement tasks that brokers say behave as a flag that is red loan providers, as well as the worst, mean applications are refused.

1) Gambling habits Bank statements detailing repayments to b kies can immediately stop a software with its tracks, brokers warned – even though the debtor is definitely an otherwise candidate that is perfect.

Malcolm Davidson, handling manager at mortgage broker British Moneyman, told us of an instance by which one of is own customers had a fantastic credit score, however a potential loan provider identified a gambling practice on bank statements.

Davidson stated “It was the sort of consumer that any loan provider would lend to normally. They gambled making use of their very own cash and there had been no overdraft.”

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