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You essentially could move the cursor around however you had to make use of X and V to locate and connect to items. When I talked about in this entry, taking care of The Quest associated with the Starseed wasnt my foray that is first into. But thats a lengthy storyпїЅ In 2002 we had written an easy text adventure (aka. We cant quite remember just just how my very first foray into development began (I think I became probably 12 years that is old, but I happened to be truly interested in it during the time and I also desired to take action with computer systems and computer systems as a whole.

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We called ours The Quest regarding the Starseed. We additionally added in large amount of explorable amounts and some music

(though i really do think we never circulated it!). It wound up being most of these thingsпїЅ and there was the possibility for something cool (and possibly lucrative) as you go along.

Thursday Hookup. : RoversMorningGlory

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