Without a doubt about African People in america

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  • PBS LearningMedia – Michael Strahan: 2nd Center Passage
  • PBS – Sharecropping – Slavery By Another Title
  • BlackPast – African American History Timeline
  • PBS LearningMedia – Rosa Parks
  • Smithsonian Channel – Where Rosa Parks Inspired A country
  • Smithsonian Channel – To Shatter the fundamentals of White Supremacy
  • Formal Site for the nationwide Association when it comes to development of Colored individuals
  • University of Southern Florida Tampa Library – Libraries Online Exhibitions – The reputation for Minstrelsy – African US Minstrel Performers
  • African Us Citizens – Youngsters’ Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11)
  • Ebony Us citizens, or African Us citizens – Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 or more)

African Us citizens, one of several biggest of many groups that are ethnic america. Continue reading