Ask One Love: “I’m Struggling with My distance that is long Relationship

I am in a long-distance relationship (9 months now) and I’m actually struggling. I miss him each and every day, and speaking with him sometimes makes me incredibly depressed, more me happy than it makes. We haven’t seen him for nine months, however it’s difficult to make that happen with him because we live across the USA from each other, and we’re only 14. I’m not sure if it’s an unhealthy relationship due to how upset I get when i’m. Any advice?

– Maintaining the Faith

Dear Maintaining the Faith,

Long-distance relationships are super tough- i do believe it is normal that you’re fighting. Relationships are complicated and layered to start with and distance can make everything seem definitely more intense. That you check out the 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship if you’re worried that your relationship is unhealthy, I recommend. There are some definitive indications that a relationship is unhealthy and understanding these indications will allow you to discern whether your relationship or partner is toxic. Continue reading