Ask Ammanda: Lesbian sleep death – i would like intercourse but my partner does not

I’ve been with my partner for 15 years. I really like her dearly and I also love every thing about our life together. Except, my partner won’t have sexual intercourse beside me and it’s been like that when it comes to previous 10 years. We now have sex about twice a year and that is just if I instigate it. I’ve attempted speaking about the matter along with her saying I’d really want to be intimate more often, but she’s going to state it is because she just is not intimate, but she’s going to decide to try. Absolutely nothing ever really changes. We have only sex like I want to go and explore my sexuality with someone else if I initiate it, but to be honest, I don’t really want to initiate anymore because I’m so fed up of the rejection when she says no. I’ve tried to be respectful of her need (of not wanting sex) but after 10 years, I really feel.

But i am aware we can’t accomplish that and we don’t would you like to lose my relationship with my partner. I actually do love her therefore quite definitely – this woman is a person that is beautiful makes me perthereforenally so delighted. We when informed her We sometimes fantasise about making love with someone else, and her response had been ‘do everything you want, but just don’t let me know about it’. Which seems if you ask me like she’s no inclination of handling the issue within our relationship.

Resting with somebody else does not address the problem within our relationship, i am aware, but speaking about it does not either. Continue reading